“Bu Rol Senin (You’ve got the part)”

Harika Uygur's first book, "Bu Rol Senin" is a detailed handbook for actresses and actors who want to make an entrance into the cinema / TV sector professionally.

Thanks to her extensive experience in the sector, Uygur is able to offer critical tips for auditions, meetings, contracts and how to get mentally ready for this colorful and also difficult world.

As a guide for taking a leading role in life and in the sector, Harika Uygur's Bu Rol Senin is the perfect fit.

Maybe that's why it sold more than 20.000 copies in only a year.

“Bu Rol Senin" Published by Casting Director Harika Uygur - 2016

You can overcome your limits, if you notice them!
Many years’ experience is collected in one book.
Harika Uygur is greeting the actors/actresses and the candidates with a handbook which they can use throughout their careers.
What’s a test shot?
Picking the proper outfit!
The key parts of the proper make-up!
What’s agency and cast director?
How to get into the role and stay in the moment and role?
Key parts of making contracts and deals!
Meditation and prep time management!
You’ve made the most important investment by obtaining this handbook. Then let’s start with that sentence:
“You’ve got it” *
(From the Promotion Bulletin)

*: The translation of Uygur’s “Bu Rol Senin” book.