Casting by Harika Uygur

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Mahalle Movie


- Drama (Bugra Gülsoy, Serhat Teoman)

There is a change when three friends living in the neighborhood continue their ordinary lives. The emergence of a mysterious stranger who has just moved to the neighborhood has also changed the life of the third.

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Happiness Short Movie


- Short, Drama (Necip Caghan Ozdemir)

The story of a man who works against all unhappiness despite all the obstacles in an auto repair shop.

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Never Leave Me Movie

Never Leave Me

- Drama (Aida Begic)

This is a story about pain, search for meaning in life and friendship of orphaned. Syrian boys -Isa, Ahmed and Muataz- who live a difficult life as refugees in the magical, mythical.

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The Ottoman Lieutenant Movie

The Ottoman Lieutenant

- Feature Film (Joseph Ruben)

The Ottoman Lieutenant is a love story between an idealistic American nurse and a Turkish officer in World War I.

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Tight Dress Movie

Tight Dress

- Drama (Hiner Saleem)

Lisa is a young designer from Paris. She is starting to work as an independent designer and she wants to make a fashion show.

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Mustang Movie


- Drama (Deniz Gamze Ergüven)

When five orphan girls are seen innocently playing with boys on a beach, their scandalized conservative guardians confine them while forced marriages are arranged.

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Sarmaşık Movie


- Drama, Fantasy, Thriller (Tolga Karaçelik)

When the crew of a bankrupt cargo ship gets stuck on board for months, isolation breeds pressures that sink the men into a sea of madness and terror.

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Fakat Müzeyyen Bu Derin Bir Tutku Movie

Fakat Müzeyyen Bu Derin Bir Tutku

- Drama, Romance (Çigdem Vitrinel)

The 'writer' Arif, who is trying to write his first book, spends a considerable part of his time by thinking about the book.

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Kırımlı Movie


- Action, Drama, History (Burak Arliel)

The human tragedy and the suffering of the Crimean Turks who were taken hostage as prisoners of war in German prison camps during World War II.

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Karışık Kaset Movie

Karışık Kaset

- Comedy, Drama, Music (Tunç Sahin)

Ulas, the son of a music-lover father tries to declare his love to Irem with a mix tape he's put together. However, they fall apart and it takes him 10 years to complete this declaration.

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Reaksiyon TV Series


- Action (Onur Tan)

The enemy of Turkey lives mostly within the borders of Turkey. A group of people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for eliminating Turkey's interior and outer enemies.

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One Night in Istanbul Movie

One Night in Istanbul

- Comedy, Sport (James Marquand)

A screen adaptation of the hit play about the exploits of a group of Liverpool Football Club fans at the UEFA Champions League 2005 final in Istanbul.

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Silsile Movie


- Crime, Drama, Thriller (Ozan Aciktan)

Cenk has just arrived back to Istanbul from the United States. Suppressed love slowly begins to resurface after he encounters Ece, a woman whom he had a romantic relationship with in the past.

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Behzat Ç. Ankara Yaniyor Movie

Behzat Ç. Ankara Yanıyor

- Action, Adventure, Crime (Serdar Akar)

In the absence of Behzat Ç., a superintendent named Himmet gets replaced as the president of the murder Bureau.

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Crossroads Movie


- Drama, Mystery, War (Faysal Soysal)

Benjamin is a young poet from Turkey, works in Bosnia as a volunteer to help the extrication of dead bodies from the mass graves.

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300 Worte Deutsch Movie

300 Worte Deutsch

- Comedy (Züli Aladag)

300 Worte Deutsch ist eine deutsche Filmkomödie von Züli Aladağ. Der Film spielt mit kulturellen Besonderheiten und Klischees bezüglich in Deutschland lebender Türken.

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My Sweet Pepper Land Movie

My Sweet Pepper Land

- Drama (Hiner Saleem)

Baran, a Kurdish independence war hero, is now sheriff in Erbil, the capital city. No longer feeling useful in this society now at peace, he thinks about quitting the police force, but instead agrees to be stationed in a small valley, at the very borders of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq.

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Ask Kirmizi Movie

Aşk Kırmızı

- Action, Drama, Romance (Osman Sınav)

Ferhat and Zeynep who really love each other a pair. They built a beautiful life. Ferhat was working in a reputable company. The future because of the work that has been working as a sales representative for the company Ferhat bright.

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Çanakkale Yolun Sonu Movie

Çanakkale Yolun Sonu

- Action, Drama, History (Kemal Uzun, Serdar Akar)

April, 1915. First World War in Canakkale, Ottoman Empire. Two brothers leave their mountain village to fight on the front line. One is an experienced sniper fighting for Ottomans against the invasion.

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The Long Way Home Movie

Eve Dönüş: Sarıkamış 1915

- Drama, History, War (Alphan Eseli)

The Long Way Home is set on the outskirts of Kars in Eastern Anatolia in the winter of 1915 and takes us to the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Sarikamis.

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Açlığa Doymak Movie

Açlığa Doymak

- Drama (Zübeyr Sasmaz)

hree people from three different worlds... Three Others who become the unwitting cause of each others suffering...Three ordinary lives so tormented that even death seems sweet.

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Uzun Hikaye Movie

Uzun Hikaye

- Drama (Osman Sınav)

A long story that started and ended at the station.

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Araf Movie


- Drama (Yesim Ustaoglu)

ARAF is the story of Zehra and Olgun whose lives are caught in a vacuum! The world in which they live and work is a place of throwaway culture and constant change.

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Beyond The Trophy Movie

Beyond The Trophy

- Action, Crime, Drama (Daniel J. Gillin)

TROPHY tells the story of men's obsession with power and how far they will go to claim the "PRIZE". Two rival gangs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, led by Gino and Cole are vying for control.

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist Movie

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

- Drama, Thriller (Mira Nair)

A young Pakistani man is chasing corporate success on Wall Street. He finds himself embroiled in a conflict between his American Dream, a hostage crisis, and the enduring call of his family's homeland.

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Kuma Movie


- Drama (Umut Dağ)

Ayse, a beautiful 19-year-old girl from the Turkish countryside, is chosen to be married to the handsome Hasan, son of formidable and house-proud mother Fatma.

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Bosporus Short Movie


- Short, Drama, Romance (Martin Werner)

The story of the film 'Bosporus' unfolds a hybrid of a magical and enchanting story together with a rare picture of Turkish realism.

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Will Movie


- Drama, Family, Sport (Ellen Perry)

An orphan journeys across Europe to the 2005 Champions League Final in Istanbul.

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Jace Movie


- Drama (Menelaos Karamaghiolis)

Twice-orphaned Jace, a seven-year-old Albanian of Greek origin, witnesses a massacre that wipes out his entire foster family in Argyrokastron.

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Firar TV Series


- Drama (Cemal San)

Mardin’in en güçlü ve zengin aşiretlerinden biri olan Bahtiyan’ların konağı.

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The Palace Short Movie

The Palace

- Short, Drama, Thriller (Anthony Maras)

Cyprus 1974. A Cypriot family flees advancing Turkish forces and takes refuge in an abandoned Ottoman-era palace.

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Türkan Saylan Movie


- Biography, Drama (Cemal San)

The life of Professor Turkan Saylan who has given war and education against leprechaun both in Turkey and in the world.

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Kırık Midyeler Movie

Kırık Midyeler

- Drama (Seyfettin Tokmak)

Hakim and Faysal have come from Mardin to Istanbul to find work and escape to Germany where their cousin lives.

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Atlı Karınca Movie

Atlı Karınca

- Drama (Ilksen Basarir)

Erdem and Sevil live in a small town with their two kids, Edip and Sevgi, until they are forced to move to Istanbul to look after Sevil's mother who has become paralyzed.

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Çınar Ağacı Movie

Çınar Ağacı

- Comedy, Drama, Romance (Handan Ipekçi)

Two sons, two daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, plans, records, a gramophone and a trunk get carried from one house to another every two months.

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Bir Avuç Deniz Movie

Bir Avuç Deniz

- Drama (Leyla Yilmaz)

Story about Mert, an educated young man who, after many years, goes back to Istanbul to live closer to his mother.

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Gise Memuru Movie

Gise Memuru

- Drama (Tolga Karaçelik)

Quiet and introverted toll booth clerk Kenan's life, a humdrum routine between the Tavsancik toll booth plaza and his home, will change the day the new operations chief comes to inspect Tavsancik.

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Takiye Allah Yolunda Movie

Takiye: Allah Yolunda

- Drama, Thriller (Ben Verbong)

Metin and his family are devout Muslims living in Cologne. The young man discovered religion through his father figure Hüseyin, in the head of the Islamic community.

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Die Fremde Movie

When We Leave

- Drama (Feo Aladag)

Umay is a young woman of Turkish descent, fighting for an independent and self-determined life in Germany against the resistance of her family.

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Eastern Plays Iztochni piesi Movie

Eastern Plays

- Drama (Kamen Kalev)

Through Georgi (a juvenile) and Itso (an adult), we take a quick glance (about one and a half hour quick) at what happens in post cold-war Bulgaria.

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11'e 10 kala Movie

11'e 10 kala

- Drama (Pelin Esmer)

10 to 11 is the story of a passionate collector Mithat and the concierge of the building, Ali.

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Uzak Ihtimal Movie

Uzak Ihtimal

- Drama (Mahmut Fazil Coskun)

Muezzin Musa falls for his neighbor, the Catholic nurse Clara. The story gets even more exceptional when Musa meets Yakup, who turns out to be connected with Clara.

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Nokta Movie


- Crime, Drama, Thriller (Dervis Zaim)

Derviş Zaim filmi. Bir zamanlar işlediği bir suç yüzünden azap çeken ve çektiği azaptan kurtulmaya çalışan bir adamın hikâyesini konu alıyor.

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Ein Augenblick Freiheit Movie

For a Moment, Freedom

- Drama (Arash T. Riahi)

Centers on a group of weary Middle Eastern refugees who have made their way to Turkey to apply for European visas.

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Üç Maymun Nuri Bilge Ceylan Filmi

Three Monkeys

- Drama (Nuri Bilge Ceylan)

A family suffers from a major communication breakdown during their struggle to get through their hardships.

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Adem'in Trenleri Movie

Adem'in Trenleri

- Drama (Baris Pirhasan)

On the first day of Ramadan, Hasan arrives at a railway station in the middle of the Anatolian wilderness. He has with him a young wife and a young daughter.

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Sis ve Gece Movie

Sis ve Gece

- Adventure, Drama, Mystery (Turgut Yasalar)

Fog and the Night is the search of an investigator who has lost his confidence in his organization and whose happy"family father" order has been disrupted by his young lover.

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Barda Movie


- Crime, Drama, Thriller (Serdar Akar)

A group of young high society friends, aged between 18 and 25, are gathered at a friend's bar that they regularly frequent for the night.

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Eve giden yol 1914 Movie

Eve giden yol 1914

- Drama (Semir Aslanyürek)

I. Dünya Savaşı sürecinde, Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'nun Güneydoğu Anadolu topraklarında geçen bir öykü anlatıyor Eve Giden Yol 1914.

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Sınav Movie


- Comedy, Drama (Ömer Faruk Sorak)

Five high school students plans to steal University Entrance Exam booklets.

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Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü Movie

Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü?

- Comedy, Drama, History (Ezel Akay)

A story about the tragedy and the danger of humor and the humorist - A comedy as grand as the Lands of Rome...

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The Net 2.0 Movie

The Net 2.0

- Action, Crime, Drama (Charles Winkler)

The life of a young computer systems analyst is thrown into turmoil when, after arriving in Istanbul to start a new job, she finds her credit cards useless, her bank account empty, and her identity stolen.

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Kırık Kanatlar TV Series

Kırık Kanatlar

- Drama, History, Romance (Çagatay Tosun)

In Ankara, the Grand National Assembly chooses Mustafa Kemal as the President of the Assembly and the Commander-in-Chief. The country is about to enter the War of Independence.

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An Eye for a Tooth Movie

An Eye for a Tooth

- Short, Crime, Drama (Murat Kebir)

The film deals with two families and how they are affected by tradition -- specifically a generations-old blood feud.

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Ihlamurlar Altinda Tv Series

Ihlamurlar Altinda

- Romance (Aydin Bulut)

After a long love story between yilmaz and elif,a conflict causes elif to marry a really rich man who's sister will end up falling in love with yilmaz and having a crazy old lover of her destroy that.

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Gora Cem Yılmaz Movie


- Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi (Ömer Faruk Sorak)

A slick young Turk kidnapped by extraterrestrials shows his great « humanitarian spirit » by outwitting the evil commander-in-chief of the planet of G.O.R.A.

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Gegen die Wand Duvara Karşı Movie


- Drama, Romance (Fatih Akın)

With the intention to break free from the strict familial restrictions, a suicidal young woman sets up a marriage of convenience with a forty-year-old addict, an act that will lead to an outburst of envious love.

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Neredesin Firuze Movie

Neredesin Firuze

- Comedy, Musical (Ezel Akay)

Having failed incredibly many times in attempts to find a big talent and to be rich, the two producers (played by Haluk Bilginer and Cem Ozer) and their only two contracted singers.

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Waiting For The Clouds Movie

Waiting For The Clouds

- Drama (Yeşim Ustaoğlu)

Ayse/Eleni who is a member of a Greek family in Turkey is forced to immigrate from Trabzon to Mersin in her early ages. However, the events that happen cause her to face her own past.

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Harem Documentary

Harem: Pleasure, Politics, and Power

- Documentary (PITV Productions - Paul Byers)

Explore the world of the Harem, a singular realm shrouded in mystery and erotic fantasies. In the 16th century, Istanbul was ruled by Suleiman the Magnificent.

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Gülbeyaz TV Series

Gülbeyaz TV Mini-Series

- Comedy, Romance (Özer Kiziltan)

Local people of Black Sea region in Anatolia are represented and separated as two enemy families.

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Şellale Movie


- Comedy, Drama (Semir Aslanyürek)

The story takes place in Harbiye town of Antakya just before the 1960 military coup d'etat.

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Caesar Documentary

I, Caesar

- Documentary (Seven Art Production + Phil Grabsky)

Detailing the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, I, Caesar takes a fascinating look at the public and private lives of six key men who ruled ancient Rome: Julius Caesar, Augustus, Nero, Hadrian, Constantine and Justinian.

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007 James Bond Movie

The World Is Not Enough

- Action, Adventure, Thriller (Michael Apted)

James Bond uncovers a nuclear plot when he protects an oil heiress from her former kidnapper, an international terrorist who can't feel pain.

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Le Client D'Avrenos TV Movie

Le Client D'Avrenos

- Drama (Phillipe Venault)

Bernard de Jonsac, quarante ans, est drogman (interprète et commissionnaire) à l'ambassade de France à Stamboul (Istanbul, Turquie).

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İstanbul Kanatlarımın Altında Movie

İstanbul Kanatlarımın Altında

- Adventure, Drama, History (Mustafa Altioklar)

The story takes us back to the 17th century Istanbul, and the powerful times of the Ottoman Empire under the rule of Sultan Murad IV. Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi.

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Le Rêve d'Esther TV Movie

Le Rêve d'Esther

- Drama (Jacques Otmezquine)

Dans les années 50, Esther, jeune femme éprise de la culture française, réalise enfin son rêve : aller vivre à Paris.

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Biography Documentary Movie


- Documentary, Biography (Agnes Nixon)

The life stories of various historical figures and celebrities are told.

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Robert's Movie

Robert's Movie

- Drama (Canan Gerede)

Some time ago, Robert took some photos of military action which are now endangering his life.

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